Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse | First Impression ❤

Recently I decided that I wanted to try out a new fake tan, as I've been using St Moritz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in 'Dark' for years now! I absolutely love this fake tan as it's only £2.99 and lasts up to a week on my skin (I have dry to normal skin) If you would like a separate review on this tan please let me know in the comments! Anyways back to Cocoa Brown Tan! Whilst I was in Superdrug looking at all the fake tans available that bright pink bottle caught my attention and I instantly recognised it from beauty blogs I read. I then saw the £5.99 price tag and I was sold! 

So I purchased the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan and here are my thoughts and first impression of it!

Colour: After a fair few fake tan disasters in my teenage years I am always slightly wary of trying out new fake tans as I can't stand fake tans that have ghastly orange under tones. No one wants to look like a umpa-lumpa! The colour of this tan is a lovely golden brown which looks incredibly natural!

Smell: This was one thing that really caught my attention when I first picked up the bottle was this claim - it doesn't have that fake tan 'biscuitty' smell which personally doesn't really bother me but it does bother my other half ha! The scent of this fake tan is very fresh and floral. 

Application: I always go for mousse formulas when it comes to fake tans. I find a mousse is very easy to apply (with a mit so you don't end up with stupidly tanned hands) as you can see exactly where you have applied the product meaning you don't end up with streaks! The formula also dries super quick so you can get dressed straight away which is always a big thumbs up. 

Development: Another claim that caught my attention on the bottle is that this tan develops in one hour which is amazing. Theres nothing worse than realising you forgot to fake tan and you don't have 8-10 hours for it to develop! This tan really does develop into a gorgeous colour within the hour which is great for when you don't have 8-10 hours and need instant colour! 

As you can probably tell this fake tan is a new favourite of mine and I'd highly recommend it if your looking for a new fake tan! Have you tried any of Cocoa Brown's products? What do you think?


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Natural & Pretty Bridal Makeup Look ❤

Today's blog post is all about the last makeup look I created on the lovely Fyona from FAO Beauty on YouTube! I wanted to create a natural bridal look that emphasised her features, so heres how I created this look..

Skin: Like the other two makeup looks I did on Fyona (Soft Brown Eyes & A Pop of Pink and Electric Blue Eyes & Bright Pink Lips) I used the same products to achieve a flawless base. I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 'Beige Founce'. I really like the formula of this foundation as it is a gel consistency meaning it glides effortlessly onto the skin and blends easily. I would say its medium to full coverage and its definitely build-able. 

Cheeks: For the cheeks I wanted to naturally accentuate the cheek bones and to this I used the Sleek Contour Kit in 'Medium'. I blended out the powder with a Real Techniques Contour Brush to make sure there were no harsh lines and that it looked like a natural shadow. To highlight the tops of the cheek bones and a create a glowy look I used Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl which is a beautiful shimmery pink colour that catches the light beautiful, yet still looks lovely and natural! I find that some powder highlighters don't always sit right on the skin, where as liquid highlighters look effortless.  

Eyes: For this look I used the Urban Decay Naked Palette in the colours 'Naked' all across the lid which is a matte brown shade. Then to add some sparkle I used 'Side Car' all over the lid blending with each application. To finish off the eyes I applied Collections Killer Curves mascara in black!

Lips: On the lips I applied Collections Pure Gloss Ultra Glossy Lipgloss in the shade 'Short Cake' which is a natural nude colour that compliments the rest of the makeup look. 

To compliment this natural makeup look I put Fyona's hair into a high curly up-do which I think compliments the makeup well. I hope you all enjoyed this look and please let me know what you'd like to see next! 


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Electric Blue Eyes & Bright Pink Lips | Makeup Look ❤

Here is another one of the makeup looks that I created on Fyona (FAO Beauty) last week! This is the most dramatic look I created on the day - I wanted to incorporate bright colours that complimented one another on Fyona's beautifully tanned skin tone. So here is how I created this look..

Skin: Like my Soft Brown Eyes & A Pop of Pink makeup look I used the same products to create a flawless base. I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 'Beige Fonce' and I have to say I was so impressed with this foundation and would highly recommend it if your looking for a good quality drug store foundation.

Cheeks: I then went on to contour and highlight the skin with the Crown Brush 10 Colour Concealer Palette. For this look I created very dramatic contouring to really emphasise her cheek bones and face shape. I always feel a strong contour compliments a strong eye makeup look beautifully. I have also done a review of this concealer palette on my blog which you can find here! After the contouring and highlighting was complete I set everything with Rimmel's Stay Matte powder in 001 'Translucent'

Eyes: Onto my favourite part of this makeup look; the eyes! To begin I placed Urban Decay's Primer Potion  all over the eyelid to provide a good base for the colour. To create this look I used the MUA Eyeshadow Palette in 'Poptastic' which is only £4.00 and you can find it in Superdrug! I'd highly recommend the MUA palettes as they have so many different shades and are very affordable! Also as you can see from the photographs above they are ridiculously pigmented! Unfortunately the eye shadows don't have names but I used the three shades of blue that come in the palette all across the eyelid and up into the crease, blending each application throughly! For the outer corner of the eye I applied 'Black Tied' from MAC to really smoke out this look and add some depth. I then applied a layer of Collection's Killer Curves Mascara and to finish the eyes I applied Primark Beauty 'Sultry' eyelashes!

Lips: Last but not least the lips! I applied a Revlon lipstick in 457 'Wild Orchid' which is just the most beautiful colour! This lipstick definitely deserves a blog post all to its self - just stunning!

I hope you enjoyed this makeup look and if you recreate it please feel free to send me a photo on my facebook page or twitter!


Saturday, 9 August 2014

Foxy Locks Extensions Review ❤

So recently I purchased my fourth or fifth set of Foxy Locks Extensions and thought I'd do a little review on them. I've been wearing extensions since I was around 15 years old, so thats quite a long time and I've been wearing Foxy Locks since I was 17/18! (repurchasing a set every 12-18 months)

I typically wear the 230g Superior Set in 'Sandy Blonde Highlights' however I don't normally wear all the extension tracks all at once so this goes to show how thick they really are. However, I'm going on a holiday in a few weeks and I wanted my extensions to be slightly lighter and I don't really need as much hair when I'm in the humidity and heat, so I ordered the 165g Deluxe Set in 'Sandy Blonde Highlights'.

The superior set is £132.00 and the deluxe set is £78.00. So they are quite expensive especially for the superior set but they are definitely worth the month. My extensions typically last 12-18 months but it depends on how well you looked after them. So they are definitely an investment! 

They also offer a regular set which is 125g of hair which is £59.00. I personally have never tried the regular set as I'm a fan of thick, big hair but they would be perfect extensions for someone who has naturally thin hair. My hair isn't thin but it isn't thick either, its just somewhere in the middle!

The extensions come in a plastic wallet with two separate sections. Once sections contains a section of hair that you can take out to see if they match your hair colour properly. If they don't match you can just repackage them and exchange them for another colour as long as you haven't opened the sealed end which I think is such a good idea. There is nothing worse than trying to match your hair colour up over a computer screen, picking the wrong colour and being stuck with it! 

I wear the colour 'Sandy Blonde Highlights' which used to be called 'Imogen Highlights'. I'd say this blonde is a real mixture of bleach and tint so it would blend well with a variety of shades of blonde. In the summer I typically go a lot blonder and in the winter I tend to have my hair dyed a much darker, natural blonde and this colour always matches through out the year. 

The 165g is of course less hair than the superior set but they are still extremely thick extensions! One thing I really like about these extensions is the clips. Many people who have never worn extensions before worry about the hair sliding out but I can safely say the clips are so secure and don't require back combing your hair before either. I wore my extensions last year on holiday in Orlando and you can just imagine what they went through, roller-coasters, humidity, 35 degree heat, water rides etc and my hair extensions didn't budge at all! 

The length of Foxy Locks extensions are all 20 inches long which for me is a perfect length. I'm quite tall so they aren't too long on me, although when it gets to around 6 months I usually trim one to two inches off them to freshen up the ends and keep them looking nice.

As you can probably tell from this review I'd highly recommend Foxy Locks if you are looking for thick, high quality hair extensions! If you'd like to see some photographs of me wearing the extensions be sure to check out my instagram (@lindsayfrancesmakeup) 

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you ever tried Foxy Locks? What do you think?


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Soft Brown Eyes & A Pop of Pink | Makeup Look ❤

On Tuesday myself and Fyona from (FAO Beauty) created several different makeup looks and this was one of them. I wanted to create a makeup look that was soft and pretty yet still dramatic. I think the lashes and pop of colour of the lips really glam up this look. So here's how I created this look..

Skin: For Fyona's skin I used Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 'Beige Fonce' which was Fyona's own foundation that she brought along. I've never used this foundation before but I will definitely be investing in some for my kit. The formula is so easy to blend into the skin and it also contains no SPF meaning it creates no flash back with flash photography! I blended the foundation into the skin with a Real Techniques 'Buffing' brush which makes applying foundation so easy. I then applied Maybellines Fit Me Concealer in a slightly lighter shade underneath the eyes, down the bridge of her nose and onto her forehead to give a subtle highlight. To set the makeup I applied Rimmels Stay Matte Powder in '004' to take away any shine and mattify the skin.

Cheeks: For this look I wanted the focus to be on the eyes and lips. So for the cheeks I applied Crown Brush 10 Colour Concealer Palette darkest contour colour into the hollow of her cheeks to give more dimension to her face. I buffed this in with the Real Techniques 'Buffing' brush again to create a flawless finish! 

Eyes: For the eyes I used Urban Decays 'Snatch' and 'Sin' all over the eyelid. For the outer corners I applied 'Dark Horse' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette to add to the smokey effect. I also applied this colour underneath the lash line. For mascara I used Collections Killer Curves mascara and for lashes I used Primark Beauty 'Sultry' lash which is one of my all time favourites (they are only £1!) 

Lips: For the lips I wanted to create a bright pop of colour so I used Extra Creamy Round Lipstick from NYX called 'Narcissus'!

I hope you enjoyed this makeup look and keep your eyes peeled for a few more looks coming up soon. Also if you recreate this makeup look please feel free to send me a photo to either my facebook page or twitter! 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July Favourites ❤

Left to Right
Nars 'Orgasm', MAC 'Subculture' Lipliner and YSL Rouge Volupte in '31'
So I know this post is slightly late as the first week of August is already over, but I guess it's better late than never! The last month or so I've been trying out different products as I'm very much a creature of habit and stick to the same products day in day out. So here are the products that I've been loving in the month of July..

I first discovered the Victorias Secret body sprays when I visited Westfield Stratford a few years ago. My first ever trip to Victoria Secret was slightly overwhelming to say the least - there is just so much to look out and I also discovered how ridiculously pricey it is in the UK. So after wondering aimlessly around the shop for half an hour I ended up in their beauty section and they had an offer on there fragrance mist. Out of the four I picked up that day, this has been my firm favourite since then. I've actually repurchased it since then as I picked up four when I went to America last summer! Its so fresh and smells deliciously. Usually I find that body mists disappear after a few minutes but this one lasts all day!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I really wanted to experiment with different products so when my trusty Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer ran out, I decided to pick this one up. I'm a huge fan of the Wake Me Up foundation (you can read my review here) so I thought I'd try out their concealer too. I love this concealer as its so creamy and really brightens up underneath the eyes. I'd highly recommend this concealer if your looking for something cheap that has good pigmentation to cover up any pesky dark circles!

I've had this product for a while now but I always seem to reach for it more in the summer months. Its so, so pigmented and highlights beautifully. I typically use this product on my brow bone and sometimes on the tops of my cheeks. It is quite a pricey product at £17.00 but it is definitely worth it and it lasts so long.

This is my first ever YSL lipstick purchase so naturally it had to be in my favourites last month! YSL lipsticks have a slightly crazy price tag of £24.50 so they are a real treat. The packaging is so luxurious and the lipstick applies effortlessly and lasts all day. For my first one I decided to go with '31' which is a gorgeous hot pink, one of my favourite shades to wear. 

Another first time purchase for me! For some reason I've never picked up a lipliner from MAC so last time I was in their I thought I'd pick one up and see if they are worth the money and I have to say they are! I chose the colour 'Subculture' which is a muted pink that goes with a wide variety of lipsticks. They apply so easily to the lips and last all day which is a big thumbs up from me! 

I picked this product up when I went to IMATS in June. Its a liquid illuminator which I find is perfect for summer. It gives you a very natural dewy highlight and is a gorgeous peachy pink colour. 

So they are the products that I've been loving this month! What have you been loving this month, let me know in the comments below?


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Summer Makeup Essentials | Summer Series #2

Recently I've began a summer series on my blog and my first post for this summer series was my summer skin care essentials! Today I'm going to be sharing my summer makeup essentials... 

Face Products 

In Summer I'd highly recommend wearing a lighter coverage foundation or even a BB cream. I personally wear a BB cream in the warmer months as they give just the right amount of coverage for me and feel so light on the skin. My personal favourite is Rimmel's BB cream as it has amazing staying power in the humidity and heat. However, I will say its not essential to wear foundation or a BB cream in the summer months, if your comfortable without wearing any coverage then definitely go for it! Natural, glowing sun kissed skin is truly beautiful! 

Another face product I'd say is a summer essential is a good powder to take away any oil or shine. Like many others, my personal favourite is Rimmel's Stay Matte powder!

Bronzing and Highlighting 

Summer is all about the bronzing and highlighting for me so for me a good bronzer and highlighter are makeup essentials ! Its accentuates your tan and gives your skin an extra glow! My favourite affordable bronzer is Bourjois Chocolate bronzer, its a beautiful shade for bronzing up your complexion and also stays put all day. My favourite high-end bronzer is by far Nar's 'Laguna' bronzer. It took me so long to purchase this bronzer because of its hefty price tag at  £27.00 but I have to say it lasts all year, is the most beautiful colour and the pigmentation is so, so good! I'm actually on my third repurchase of this product and I usually purchase it from ASOS when they have a discount codes available so definitely look out for those!

I've also really fallen in love with liquid illuminators recently, such as Nar's 'Laguna' and 'Orgasm'. They add a really natural glow to the skin and they're also hydrating. My favourite powder highlighter is MAC's 'Soft and Gentle' mineralised skin finish, a product that is highly raved bout in the beauty world and I can see why. The colour is just gorgeous and it really accentuates cheekbones.

Lip Products

For lips in the summer I think a good lip balm is 100% essential. Lips are prone to cracking in the summer months whether your in and out of aircon or even burnt them in the sunshine. My personal favourite is trusty old Vaseline, you really can't go wrong with it. A good hydrating lipgloss is also essential, I love Rimmel's Stay Glossy lipgloss's as they are so creamy on the lips and are also very pretty colours.

Eye Products 

My essential makeup products for eyes are a good waterproof mascara and also a brow gel to keep eyebrows in place. I never really used a brow gel until I discovered Benefit's Gimme Brow, I've recently done a review on it if you'd like to have a read!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please let me know what  you'd like to see next! I'd love to know what your summer makeup essentials are?


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Collection Work The Colour Eye Shadow Pencil | First Impression ❤

So if you've seen my recent superdrug haul you will know that I purchased two of the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils. I'd heard a lot about them on blogs and YouTube and I decided that I wanted to try them out for myself. I picked up the shades 'Vintage Blush' and ' Vanilla Sky' which are really pretty, light neutral shades. They had six shades available when I went into store ranging from whites to dark blue/blacks but I decided to go with these lighter, neutral shades as I want to use them as eye shadow bases.

The first thing I have to mention is the pigmentation of this product. I swatched them in the shop and after going swimming in the evening they were still on my hand so I'd probably say these eyeshadow pencils are waterproof, which is amazing! They would be perfect for holidays if you wanted a wash of colour on your eyes!

The formula is so creamy and glides effortlessly onto the skin. It is also so easy to blend out, making this product super quick and easy to apply.  

They are also so affordable at only £3.19 so I'd highly recommend trying this product out if you haven't already! I'm definitely going to be going back and getting the other colours they have available.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mini Superdrug Haul | Cocoa Brown & Collection!

So this week I popped into Superdrug and couldn't resist picking up a few products! The first thing I picked up was Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan. I've been on the hunt for a new fake tan since my trusty St Moritz is running extremely low and I decided I wanted to try something new. I originally went into Superdrug thinking I was going to treat myself and repurchase St Tropez but I was quickly drawn to the pink bottle, that was Cocoa Brown tan! I'm so excited to try this fake tan as it says it develops in one hour and also doesn't have the 'biscuity' fake tan smell. I'm definitely going to be doing a first impression post on this tan so keep your eyes peeled for that. Cocoa Brown 1 hour Instant Tan retails for £7.99 which is significantly cheaper than St Tropez at around £20 a bottle! 

The next product I picked up is my holy grail liquid eyeliner, Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner! I've used this eyeliner since I was about 15 years old and I absolutely love it. Its only £2.99, its easy to apply and lasts all day. If you aren't confident with applying liquid eyeliner I'd highly recommend this product as the brush is easy to hold and gives you complete control.

While I was at the Collection stand I also picked up their Killer Curves mascara in 'Ultra Black 17'. I'm always trying new mascaras so I'm looking forward to trying this one out. It's also very affordable at only £3.99!

The final product I picked up from the Collection stand again (can you tell I'm a fan of this brand) were the Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencils in the colours 'Vintage Blush' and 'Vanilla Sky'. I've heard so much about this product on social media that I wanted to try them out for myself! They retail for £3.19 which is again very affordable. I'm also going to be doing a first impression post on these too!

Have you purchased any new products recently?


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer Skin Care Essentials | Summer Series #1

So now that summer is finally here, I've decided to do a little summer series! Starting off with my skin care essentials! Here are my top 4 skin care products to keep your skin looking and feeling its very best this summer..

1. P20

Starting off with probably the most obvious 'summer essential' sun cream. I always wear at least factor 20 as I have fair skin and P20 is my go to sun protection. If you aren't sure what P20 is, it is a non-greasy formula that you only need to apply once before you go into the sun. It is completely water proof and sweat proof meaning you have total protection from the sun all day long. So many times I've worn normal suncream, jumped in a pool and then burned because my sun cream has just disappeared!

P20 is proven to work up to 10 hours which is just amazing. I always buy a bottle of P20 at the beginning of the summer and especially before a holiday! You can get it from most places now such as Boots, Asda etc.. It is around the £20.00 mark depending on where you get it from but I can't recommend this product enough!

Moisturising during the summer months is so essential especially if you are catching the sun! My personal favourite is the Garnier Summer Body one that contains a gradual tan. It moisturises your skin and adds a hint of golden colour which is always a bonus. It also smells delicious! 

Alongside moisturising your body it is also important to moisturise your face! My holy grail moisturiser is Olay Beauty Fluid which is something my mum introduced me to at a very young age. This product makes your face so smooth and it is also the perfect base to apply foundation on also!

Finally if you are lucky enough to be blessed with skin that tans beautifully and easily then you probably won't need this product. I don't tan quickly at all - if I go on holiday for two weeks its not until the end of the two weeks that my tan starts to build up. So this is my go to fake tan! I use a mixture of medium and dark depending on what I feel like. This tan is a mousse formula which makes it so easy to apply and you know exactly where you have applied it. Its also so affordable at only £2.99 a bottle so I would definitely recommend this if you haven't tried it already!

What are your favourite skin care products for summer?