Liam & Tequila's Wedding - South Wilts Golf Club


Back in June I photographed Liam and Tequila's wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. They got married in their local church in Wilton and as you can see from the photographs it was just stunning. Their reception was at South Wilts Golf Club in Salisbury and we had a great time doing their couple shots out on the course with a golf buggy!

Here are just a few photographs from their special day..


Dave and Tiffany's Wedding - The Antrobus Arms Hotel

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Dave and Tiffany asked me to photograph their wedding day back in 2014 and the day came around so quickly. They got married in their local church and had their reception at The Antrobus Arms Hotel in Amesbury. The day itself was absolutely beautiful and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!
Here are a few photographs from their day.


Results with Lucy | Beach Body with Lucy Review

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If your a regular reader of my blog you'll know that I'm a fan of Results with Lucy. (If you'd like to read my original review you can read that here) If you don't know what Results with Lucy is, its an online fitness programme created by Lucy Mecklenburgh who used to be on The Only Way is Essex on ITV2 and her personal trainer Cecilia Harris.

Back in June I noticed that they were releasing a new 'Plan' which is an additional package that you can sign up for. They currently offer several different plans such as 'Six Pack Abs', 'Wobble to Model', 'New Beginnings' and 'Express Drop a Dress Size'.

There newest plan they've released is 'Beach Body with Lucy' which is what I signed up for. This plan is six weeks long and contains new work outs for every week, a nutrition plan, an 8 week membership for the website and a mindset programme. This plan is a one off payment of £49.99 at the moment and it is usually £115.99.

I've recently just completed the six week programme and I really enjoyed it. Although I'll be honest and say at around week 6 I did fall off the band wagon by going away to Cornwall and I didn't follow the nutrition plan strictly. I ate sensibly and tried to have an all round varied diet. The plan also allows you one cheat day a week which I always used on Saturdays when I have weddings and need a little treat!

On thing I did do was stick to the four work outs a week for the full six weeks though and I can see a huge difference in my body. I have lost weight although I try not to concentrate on numbers too much. I find following a plan helped to keep me on track as I didn't want to fall behind.

Now the six week plan is over I'm going to stick to doing four workouts a week and continue to eat a varied diet with one cheat day a week! 

Have you tried Results with Lucy? What are your favourite ways to exercise?


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