Tangle Teezer | Review ❤


I originally bought my Tangle Teezer back in 2011 when there was a lot of hype about them in the blogging world and at first I was very sceptical about whether or not they were worth the money. Tangle Teezers are available from Boots with prices starting at £10.99. The one that I own is the is the original in 'Dolly Pink' however since 2011 the range has expanded and there are several different ones available such as Aqua Splash, Salon Elite, and the Compact Styler.

The shape of the brush and the way the bristles are laid out make it so easy to brush through your hair with minimal damage, especially when your hair is wet. There's nothing worse than having to tug at knots in your hair! I think anyone with little girls would love this product as children often hate having their hair brushed and pulled at when its knotty. Like I said I've been using this brush for nearly three years now and I am constantly reaching for it over my normal brushes. Its definitely worth the money and I couldn't recommend it more!

Have you ever tried a Tangle Teezer?

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